Positive mind

Start with yourself

Do you know that stress, depression and anxiety are one of the major causes of diseases? There’s nothing mysterious or magical about mind affecting physiological functions such as digestion, circulation and immune system. For example, whenever we are under stress, central nervous system shuts down digestion and contracts our digestive muscles, decreasing secretions needed for digestion, effecting whole digestion system by causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal system and making us more susceptible to infection.

Therefore, we need to cultivate a positive mind and emotions, make it strong so that no stress can affect us. Because stress, anxiety and depression are caused by our perception of the situation. When we are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong and aware of these things, nothing can affect us.

LOVE brings in peace and harmony. Strengthens your mind and body.
SMILE reduces stress and spreads happiness.
Therefore love everybody, be calm and peaceful and smile every day!
Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath

Nature of mind

The mind is very subtle, it permeates every atom of our body and extends through many layers of our existence. Our mind is the creator of our happiness and sufferings. All that we are experiencing is actually our perception, our own mental state and understanding of reality.

The very nature of the mind is pure light, true knowledge, peace and serenity, but because of the external influences, conditions and habitual tendencies our mind follows certain patterns according to which it tends to function. If these influences are negative, our thinking will take on the negative patterns that we will act on. Habit of negative thinking just draws out the energy of our body and leads us closer to disease.

Therefore, we need to cultivate our mind towards positive patterns and influences by creating positive environment, repeating affirmations and with meditation.

Pure LOVE and TRUTH produce joy, peace of mind, inner calmness, spiritual strength, fearlessness, strengthen the heart and help harmonious functioning of the body.
Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath

How to have a positive mind

Whenever you find yourself grumbling or being negative, briefly stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and repeat affirmations that make you positive, such as “I am perfectly fine and happy”, “I love everyone and everyone loves me”. Repeat these affirmations with faith and belief, feeling and visualization, and immediately you will see the difference.

Mind is like a monkey, so train it and do your mental practice regularly. Every morning and evening take at least 5-10 minutes to repeat positive affirmations and reprogram/train your mind to be positive. Positive attitude will become a habit of your mind.

LIVE IN PRESENT! Whatever happened, happened. You cannot change what is done. So do not grief about it. Future is not yet to come. So don’t spend too many time thinking about it. Plan it and forget. Achievement depends on your personal effort that starts with believe. You need to believe yourself and then ask for it and you will eventually definitely get it.”
Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath

Daily affirmations

by Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath

Realise yourself to make others to realise.

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